MSP-TB10 High Speed Teabag Packaging Machine

ZT-10 Tea Bag Packaging Machine is mainly used packaging of medicine tea, beauty-slimming tea, health-strenghening tea or other similar fine-particle products, can make various of bags, the packing range is 8 cm3, the maximum speed can reach 105bags/min.

Metering capacity8 cm
Speed95-105 bags/min
Inner bag size62.5 x 50mm
Thread length210mm
Label size28 x 24mm
Outer bag size75 x 65 mm
Thread length210 mm
Machine weight600 Kg
Power source2.5 KW 380V + 10% 50Hz

MSP-TB18 Automatic Teabag Packing Machine
(with tag & paper outer bag)

ZT-18 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine is a kind of machine used for packing tea seeds, medical, health-care and tea industries granular shaped in

Sealing typeThree letters
Measurement range1-15g/bag (special specifcations can be separately)
Inside the bag dimensionslength 50-75mm ; wide 50-75mm (special specifications can be separately)
Outer bag dimensionslength 85-120mm ; wide 75-95mm (special specifications can be separately)
Label Size25x25 (L*W) (special specifications can be separetely)
Input Power220V / 50Hz single phase
Total Power3.7 Kw
Heaterlongitudinal sealing heating tube (inside) 110V 350W 2pcs
The horizontal sealing heating tube (inside) 110V 350W 2 pcs

MSP-TB20 Triangle Shape Teabag Packaging Machine

Working Capacity40-50 BPM
Measuring MethodSliding volumetric type
Sealing TypeHigh frequency sealing
Shape of PackingPyramid or square type
Mesh of PackingStandard mesh for high frequency sealing
Width of Mesh120mm, 140mm (160mm, 180mm can be customized)
Volume per pack2 ± 0.5g/bag (other volume can be customized)
External diameter of mesh roll≤ 350mm
Inside diamter of mesh roll76mm
Power SupplyPer client’s specifications, 0.5Kw
Air Supply≥ 0.6 Mpa
Operator1 Operator
Machine DimensionL 880mm x W 640mm x H2200mm
Machine Weight350Kg