The OK - II chocolate production line is developed based on latest technology trends. This line is completely closed, providing maximum hygiene standard. Its work is not affected by an external temperature and humidity. The excellence of this line is demonstrated with a low energy consumption, large capacity, good product taste, high security standards, convenient operations, and high level of automatization.

Technical Parameters

Project Mumerical
Capacity (kg/h) 150 - 300
Mould Plates (set) 2
The best molding temperature (oC) -24 ~ -22y
The lowest refrigeration temperature (oC) -30 ~ -28
The cooling tunnel temperature (oC) 5 - 8
The largest molding rotate speed (r/min) 1.5
The refrigeration model 20p
Total refrigeration power (kw) 17.13
The disharge tank power (Kw) 5.914
The maximum capacity of the storage tank (I) 8.75
Outside dimension (mm) 300

*Design and specifications may change without notice.