Biscuit can be grouped into hard biscuit, cookie biscuit, according to the formula, process, and different forming method, hard biscuit production line is generally composed of a feeding machine (producing the soda biscuit or chocolate coated biscuit. another lamination process is needed), a set dough roller, through the dough rolling and dough sheeting, then through the roller cutting machine, rest material recycling device, inlet oven machine, the entire biscuit forming line. For soh biscuit and cookie biscuit production line, only the forming machine and inlet oven machine can be the whole forming process. In order to increase the biscuit types and characteristics, customer’s can allocate the sugar & salt springkling machine, egg spraying machine, calico printing machine, etc. The oven is to make the formed biscuit into delicious food. You can choose different types of bakery oven (electric/gas/diesel/thermal oil) for baking different types of products. Dough rolling width ranges from 250mm to 1500mm (if you have special needs, we can customized for you).

Technical Parameters
Model MSPR-250 MSPR-480 MSPR-600 MSPR-800 MSPR-1500 Remark
Production Capacity (kg/h) 250 480 600 750 1500 Up to (max)
Total Length (mm) 29600 64500 85500 92500 150000 If No U Turn Conveyor
Baking Temperature (oC) 190-240oC 190-240oC 190-240oC 190-240oC 190-240oC Depend
Whole Line Power (Kw) 105 190 300 400 750 If Use Electric Oven
Whole Line Weight (Kg) 6000 12000 20000 28000 55000 Approx

*Design and specifications may change without notice.