The fully-automatic Sandwich cake production Line uses eggs and flour main raw materials ; by mixing, feeding, baking, cooling, cake turning, sandwiching you can get the delicious chocolate sandwich pies, which are deeply welcomed by consumers.
This production line’s characteristic: high automation level, continuous big output of oven baking, quality stainless steel adopted for each parts touching food, soh delicious products with long shelf life.

This production line is mainly made up for slurry mixer, paper cup supply machine, forming machine, turnel oven, cooling conveyor, paper recyling machine, cake arrange machine, cake turn-over machine, sandwich ing machine (for cream filling), cake sucking machine. You can also add the cocolate coating machine to make high-grade products.

Production Capacity 4.5 - 5 tons/day 8.5 - 9.5 tons/day
Total Power 30 Kw 40 Kw
General Length 54m (except pack) 80m (except pack)
Gas Consumption 15-20 Kg/h 25-40 Kg/h

*Design and specifications may change without notice.