The Machine Features

Automatic frying machine is made of stainless steel, high degree of automation, automatic, manual lihing system, unique product conveyor system, discharge system, heating system, oil circulating system, exhaust system, electric control sytem etc. Using belt conveyor products inverter or variable frequency stepless speed regulation. Widely usesd in meat, fried chicken wings, meat products, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta, rice crust, such as fried food processing.

Model Envelop Dimension Nets Take Width Power Oil Capacity Production Capacity
MSPR-3000 3000x1800x2500mm 600 20 600 100-300
MSPR-4000 4000x1800x2500mm 600 30 1000 200-400
MSPR-5000 5000x1800x2500mm 1000 40 1200 300-500

*Design and specifications may change without notice.