Heating and Exchanging System

This system used to supply and exchange heat to fryer.

Advantage: high efficient heating exchanging rate, save energy, low oil volume, save cost.

Material: SUS304 and SUS316 stainless steel as design.

Oil filter, Oil Tank

It is used filter the slags from oil during working for keeping oil clean and lengthen oil using life. According to the different fried food and different designed frying system to adopt different type oil filter.

Filter machines specification

Filter Name Model Specification
Belt Filter MSPR-800 Belt width: 800mm
Vacuum Filter MSPR-600/800 Diameter: 600/800mm
Rolling Filter MSPR-800/1000 Diameter: 800/1000mm

Our Fying Solution

Prepared food frying solution: Temperature products, coated meats vegetables, french fries, falafel, spring rolls, samosa...

Nuts frying solution: Peanuts, cashew nuts, green peas, almond, sunflower seeds, broad bean... Snacks frying solution: Sardin fish, yellow croaker, hairtail...

Chips frying solution: Potato chips, banana chips, sweet potato chips, cassava chips...

Fruit vegetables chips frying solution

Oil-Water Frying Machine

Use oil-water mixture technology, extending the replacement duration of the edible oil.

Automatic oil temperature controlling system, slowing the speed of editable oil acid value, greatly reducing the fumes generated from the working process.

Have over-heated alarm device and sensors detecting device, more safety.

Model Rated Power (KW) Dimension (mm) Oil Tank Size Oil Capacity
MSPR-300 4.5 380x600x900 300x440x280 20
MSPR-500 5 or 9 580x640x900 500x440x280 35
MSPR-650 12 730x640x900 650x440x280 45
MSPR-750S 4.5/6.0 840x640x900 300/450x440x260 48
MSPR-800 15 880x640x900 800x440x280 55
MSPR-1000 18 or 24 1080x650x950 1000x450x300 70
MSPR-1200 24 1280x650x950 1200x450x300 88
MSPR-1500 36 1580x650x950 1500x450x300 100
MSPR-2000 48 2080x600x950 2000x500x300 166
MSPR-3000 72 3160x760x1050 3000x600x400 400

*Design and specifications may change without notice.