High-Speed Automatic Filling MS 189 TL

Feature :
•	Beautiful package without wrinkles can be made.
•	The design makes it suitable to fill a wide range of product.
•	All the size change products can be made with adjustment handles.
•	Economical with punching during process for sealing.
•	The machine designed for heavy duty so compact and light weight machine structure.

Mark Application :
We have arrange photo cell that's better than any kind ever knows before, with additional fiber optic, this will minimize disturbance to the photo cell from out side like light and powder from the packing papers.

Main Application :
Snack, biscuit, coffee, candies, tea, peanut, sugar, tablets, etc.

Packing speed         : 30 - 80 pack/minute
Max volume bag        : 100 grams (depend on product)
Pack size             : Width 50 - 120 mm, Length 50 - 160 mm
Driver motor          : 220V/380 Volt 1/2Hp
Electric consumption  : motor 400 W Heater 2 x 300 watt
Dimension             : 1675 Hx 675 1x 656 W (mm)
Weight                : 230 kgs
Type of seal          : pillow type or centre seal
Packaging material    : Aluminum foil/pe, opp t pe opp/
                        cpp, paper # pe, other speial heat sealable film