High-Speed Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine MS 280

Optional Features :
Infeed variation, powered paper feed, color touch screen, digital LCD display with backlight, operator adjustable panel box, microprocessor control unit, separate heater control on each element, automatic opening of the center seals, automatic linkage to auto feeder machines, two motors drive system, center seals variation, twin cross cutter seals or more, cutter seals center variation, twin cross cutter seals or more, cutter seals carry over mechanism, cutter blades variation, coding unit, double cutter.

Packing speed                : 50 - 140 ppm
Pack size                    : 180 W x 360Lx 35 H mm
Machine Dimension            : 1100 W x 4450Lx 1455 H mm
Packaging materials          : Aluminium foil,pe, opp + pe, opp + cpp,
                               paper + pe, other special heat sealable
Real diameter (Weight)       : 360 mm
Real core diameter (Height)  : 75 mm
MS-380                       : Packing speed 50 - 200 ppm
Real core widths             : 450 mm
Voltage                      : 380V 3 ph/220V 1 ph/50 Hz
Electric consumption         : 3.5 kVA/18 amps
Weight                       : 1300 kg
Machine finish                : Glassomax royal silver FE-94-9024
Controller                      : PLC Omron
Sensor                          : SICK
Inverter                         : ABB