Multi-Head Weigher A10

Feature :

Program recovery function can reduce operation failure.
All the hoppers can be opened to make cleaning easily and quickly
The weight hopper can be preset to open orderly to avoid blackage with puffy products.
IP65 waterproof and dustproof design is easy to clean and maintain.
Multilanguage control panel, English, Spanish, Korea, German, French,atc,
The function of measurement by counting pieces of components can satisfy your various requirements

Capacity           : 10 - 1500g
Weighting accuracy : 0.1 - 1.5g
Speed              : 20 - 50 Time/minute
Happer volume      : 1,6/2.5L
Control Panel      : Touch Screen/10.4"
Options            : Dimple Plate/Timing Hoppper/Printer/Rotary Top Cone
Driving system     : Step Motor
Power              : 220V/1000w/50Hz
Dimensions         : 1620 x 1100 x 1100mm
Weight              : 380kg