Product Detail :
Application :

It is suitable for weighing large block, strip and stem materials with fluidity, such as fish, noodles, shrimp and other aquatic products, meat products, medicinal materials and other materials.

Application :
  1. Using high-precision, high-standard special load cell.
  2. Modular circuit board realizes intelligent multi-sampling stable mode, and the weighing is more accurate.
  3. Intelligent fault alarm, convenient maintenance.
  4. Concetrad discharge mode to ensure the relative concentration of materials and improve the running speed of the machine.
  5. Intelligently customize the number of weighing trays to achieve double standards of weighing and counting.

Mechanical Character :
  1. Double row linear layout, easy to operate by workshop staff.
  2. Belt-type open weighing tray design structure can effectively solve the feeding of sticky or bulky materials with poor fluidity.
  3. Visualize LED signal light, clear the feeding direction and feeding area, and effectively identify the current status of the corresponding tray.
  4. Easy detechable conveyor belt, easy to clean. HMI interface to facilitable self-learning and excharge of information.

Technical Specification :
Model MSP-MBWA12 MSP-MBWA14 Product Layout Diagram
Identify Code A12-2-5 A14-2-5
Weighing Range 10-600g 10-6000g
Accuracy X(0.5) X(0.5)
Max. Speed 30P/M 25P/M
Level of Protection IP 65
Weighing Belt Dimension 300 (L) x 180 (W)
Control Panel 10.1” Touch Screen
Driving System Step motor
Power Requirement 220V/800W 50/60Hz/3.6A
Packing Dimension (mm) 2200(L)x1200(W)x1160(H) 2560(L)x1200(W)x1160(H)
Gross Weight 370 Kg 450 Kg

  1. Can refer to the national standard GB/T27738-2011 or the International Legal Organization N0.61 International Recommendation OIML R61 2014 (E)
  2. Depends on product shape, product density, target weight etc.