Application :

It is used to check the weight of packed bags and boxes, and remove unqualified ones by rejection device.

Features :
  1. Grand new modular control system.
  2. Fault alarm by text displaying.
  3. Quick release design.
  4. Auto program setting for easy operation.
  5. Production records in details.

Product Detail :
Technical Specification :
Model MSP-CW200 MSP-CW200 Product Layout Diagram
Identify Code C200-2-1 C200-2-1
Weighing Range 5-200g 2-200g
Accuracy XIII(1) XIII(1)
Max. Speed 150PCS 130PCS
Max Belt Speed 80m/min 70m/min
Belt Size (mm) 450(L)x100(W) 330(L)x100(W)
Control Panel 7” Touch Screen
Reject Method Air Blowing
Power Requirement 220V/400W 50/60Hz/2A 220V/400W 50/60Hz/2A
Packing Dimension (mm) 1450(L)x570(W)x1280(H) 1450(L)x570(W)x1280(H)
Gross Weight 100Kg 100Kg

  1. Can refer to the national standard GB/T27738-2011 or the International Legal Organization N0.61 International Recommendation OIML R61 2014 (E)
  2. Depends on product shape, product density, target weight etc.