Technical specifications :
Packing Speed 40-60 bags/min
Bag Former L: 180-450mm W: max.300mm H: max.120mm
Film width Max: 670mm
Packing Material PET, CPP, OPP, PE
Machine size 6000mm/L, 1500mm/W, 1600mm/H
Total power 3.5 KW
Power & Connection (Votage): 220V, (Single-Phase): 50/60Hz, Air: 6 Bar
Weight 1500 Kg

The above speci­fications are for referance only and are designed according to the actual needs of customers.

Machine Design :
  1. Cantilever build/heavy steel mainframe and SUS304 made housing with integrated electrical cabinet. Robust steel frame, servo-machine formulti-shift operation with high modularity.
  2. Strict division between product/packaging material handling and drive elements.
  3. Minimum of mechanical parts. Low noise and university of the same parts where possible.
  4. Left and right hand version availabe.
  5. F.B.F type conveyor designed (Film Bottom Feeding) for multiple-item packaging purpose, such as 1x5 bag noodles and bag snacks.
  6. A.F.C (Auto Film Cake): On request to with AFC reduce operation downtime.
  7. M.I.S.Function (Misplaced Item Skip): helps to reduce waste and incorrect cutting.

Packing Style :
  1. Pillow pack center sealed, on request with or without gusset device.
  2. On request with perforating labeling, print coding, eye-mark locating, coupon inserting and tear strip, easy tear notches and other auto feeding systems.



Technical specifications :
Packing Speed 60-120 bags/min
Bag Former (Small Former): W:50-100mm H:max:70mm

(Big Former): W:100-200mm H:max 100mm
Bag Length (Small outer diameter): 80-400mm

(Large outer diameter): 100-400mm
Film Width 100-500mm
Machine size (L)4000mm*(W)1139mm*(H)1680mm
Total power 3.5 KW
Power & Connection (Votage): 380V, (3-Phase): 50/60Hz, (Air pressure): 0.6 MPA
Weight 1000 g

Main applications :

Bakery products, like buns, breads and cake, frozen foods, like meat patty, burger and chicken ­fillet. Boxed products, more advantages especially for the high products ­fillet.

Main function & structure characteristics :
  1. Box-motion End-seal design: Featuring easy maintenance and hermatic sealing.
  2. Heavy Duty Design Centilever build/Heavy steel mainframe and SUS304 made housing, with integrated electrical cabinet, perfect for multi-shift operation.
  3. Belt Feeding Design Easier for users to manually load products, easly removable belt without any help of tools, ideal for everyday cleaning.
  4. Sanitary Standard: SUS304 machine housing designed to meet highly regulated food grade standard.
  5. Safety Guard Design: Fully safety-guarded to protect operators from accidental jamming or cutting.
  6. Forward and reverse Machine Design: Customers can choose according to their demand.

Smart Operations :
  1. Multi-packing: Suitable for diversity packaging, one equipment can be used for packaging di‑erent size products.
  2. Smart Belt Design: patent fast dismantle belt design, easily removable belt without any help of tools.
  3. HMI Touch Screen: 10.4 touch panel easily operation.
  4. 100 Recipes: Able to save up -to 100 product recipes for any complicated production, users can easily switch parameter setting from touch screen and save time.
  5. Prevent cutting product: Avoid wasting products.
  6. No product machine stop: In automatic detection mode, packing machine stops running when no product to come, avoid empty bag and wasting packing material.
  7. Automatic failure diagnosis system: minimize time consuming.