Application :

For Biscuit X-fold over wrapping

Operation schematic diagram :

Sample of cellophane wrapping machine :
Features :
  1. PLC control, Omron, Japan brand, so that the machine is with very compact size, and working with great synchronism.
  2. Inverter attached, to make the speed changeable during working process.
  3. Photocell for monitor eyemark on the printing fi­lm, with which the packaging will be precise and looks beautiful.
  4. Digital touch screen, showing the speed, temperature and so on information, easy to set and it is human friendly for the operator.
  5. The touch screen can be fi­lled in any language, very conveinient for the operate to read.
  6. All are food grade #304 ss material, humidity resistant.
Parameter :
Packing speed 25-50 bag/miin
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Total Power 2.5 Kw (Including:electrical motor power: 1.1 Kw, heat power : 1.4 Kw)
Air compressio 4-6 Kg/cm 3 , 100 liter per hour
Option Peel open system
Packing size :
Item Size Min (mm) Max (mm)
Square or rectangle products L x W x H 50*35*10 300*130*80
Oval products Perimeter x L 90*35 440*300
Round products Diameter 40 70