Application Range :

The entire organization of TFD-CZ500 vertical join robot is compact, with the advantages of high repeated positioning, low failure rate, simple operation, and it uses the bus control technology, convering a small area, and the arm length is 500-1000mm, and the load capacity is up to 10 Kg. And it can be widely used in food industry and other material sorting and removing.

The Main Technological Parameter :
Model MSP-VJR500
Number of axis 2 axis
Maximum working radius 500-1000mm
Repeated positioning accuracy + 0.01mm
Rated speed 5-25 times/min
Payload 0.1 Kg-10 Kg
Allowable intertia moment 0.12 Kg m2/0.01 Kg m2
Adaptive enviroment 0°C - 40°C
Installation mode Ground
Power 6.0 Kw
Power supply voltage DC24V:6A AC200-240V:10A
Body/weight 500 Kg