The heavy bag automatic packaging machine is a new type of packaging unit devoloped for small particles and powdery materials in chemical, agricultural, food, grain and other industries using bag-feeding packaging. This unit has the fuctions of automatic bag feeding, bag loading, filling, sealing, and bag conveying, at the same time, it can work in conjuction with various materials and equipment to realize unmanned production of large-scale packaging.

  1. Packaging material : Woven bags, kraft paper bag, Composite PE Plastic bag (Thickness > 0.18mm)
  2. Bag size : L 700-1100mm, W 480-650mm
  3. Metering range : 25-50 Kg/bag
  4. Packaging speed : 3-8 BMP
  5. Metering Precision : ± 50 Kg. ± 2% (2o)
  6. Sealing type : -
  7. Woven bag : folding/sewing, sewing, hemming/sewing, sewing/hemming, inner bag heat sealing.
  8. Kraft paper bag : heat sealing/sewing, hemming/sewing, sewing/hemming.
  9. Composite film plastic bag : heat sealing.


Brief Intruction :

The machines is designed under the newest version of National GMP standard, the machine height only 1.8m, the total machine contain filling, weighing, healing, sewing and conveying. The machine is suitable for grain and powdery etc many kinds of material.

Main Features :
  1. The machine direct filling in packing bags, mesaure more nicely, Overall size is futher reduced, and gross weighing.
  2. Two layer structure of weighing, concentrate dedusting, workshop no pollution.
  3. Double auger feeder, control the mode and speed of adding material freely
  4. Vibrational bag gripper: avoid product leakage and product blocking, and have more even product feeding.
  5. Simple-structured of material access, easily for cleaning and shifting materials.
  6. Multiple kinds of conveyor, bag sealing/seaming machine, bag gripper optional.
Technological parameters :
Metering Mode weighing mode (Gross weight)
Feeding Mode Double screw, double value, double vibrating chute (optional)
Package Weight 10-50 Kg (20-100Kg for oversided ones)
Package Accuracy ± 0.2 %
Package Speed < 3 bags per minute
Power Supply Three-phase 380V (or single-phase 220V) 50-60Hz
Total Power 3.9Kw (power for air supply not inclued)
Atmospheric Pressure 6-8 Kg/cm²
Use Tolerance 0.2m³ /min
Total Weight 400 Kg
Overall Dimensions 4000 (variable depending on the conveyor) 1200 x 2400mm


Brief Intruction :

Automatic fixed-quantity packaging steelyard of this series iincluding feeding-in, weighing, pneumatic discharging, bag-clamping, dusting, electrical-controlling etc incorporate automatic packaging system. This system normally used in high-speed, constant of the open pocket etc fixed-quantity weighing packing for solid grain material and powder material: for example rice, legume, milk powder, feedstuff, metal powder, plastic granule and all kinds of chemical raw material

Main Features :
  1. PLC, Touch screen & weighing system control. Maximize the accuracy of weighing and stability.
  2. Whole machine except for electric part is made of stainless steel 304, suit for causticity chemical raw material.
  3. Dus concentration, no powder poluttion in the workshop, rest material cleaned convenient, rinse with water.
  4. Changeable peneumatic bag clap tight sealing, fit for all size of bag.
  5. Alternative feeding method : double screw, double vibration, free blanking. With belt-conveyor, sewing machine, folding machine or heat sealing machine can be a complete packing system.
Technological parameters :
Dosing Mode Net weight weighing
Filling weight 10-50 Kg
Filling accuracy < ± 0.2 % (According to material proportion and pack weight)
Filling speed < 3-4 bags/min
Power supply 380V / 220V 50-60 Hz
Total power 3.9 Kw
Air supply 6 Kg/cm² 0.3m³ /min
Total weight 500 Kg
Machine size 4500 (According to belt conveyor) x 1200 x 2500 mm
Remark 304 stainless steel