Usage :

The packaging production line mainly consists of the small pouch automatic packaging machine, pouch sorting conveyor, up opened cover box machine and inspection elimination machine. In order to control the precision and convenient adjustment, the main position uses the servo motor and PLC to control. Suitable for packing four side sealing pouch automatic continue line into box. Online can complete these process continuously and automatically as the automatic vacuum finished bag into box, manual into box, product output etc. Meet GMP production requirements, effectively save labor costs and production costs, but also can change design according to the customer’s request

Main Technical Parameters :
Items Model MSP-WL900E
Pouch length range 50-120mm
Pouch width range 50-105mm
Packing speed 60 times/min (Depend on bag length and materials)
Filling capacity 1-40ml
Applicable film PET/AL/PE PET/PE NY/AL/PE NY/PE
Max film width 900mm
Max film diameter ᵩ 300mm
Film core diameter ᵩ 75mm
Electric Source 380V 50Hz (do as customer’s request)
Total Power 12 KW
Overall dimension 2100 x 2000 x 2000mm (L x W x H)
Machine weight 1200 Kg
Package size 1500 x 1540 x 2200mm (L x W x H)
Main Technical Parameters :
Items Model MSP-H60
Running speed 20-60 (boxs/min)
Size range of box Min. 85 x 37 x 40mm Max. 180 x 60 x 65mm
Size of unfolded leaflet 80-170 x 125-260mm
Size of folded leaflet 80-170 x 30-60mm
Quality of Operation Manual 55-70/m²
Quality of box 300-350g
Total power 3.5 KW
Power (Three phase four wire) 380V 50Hz
Machine Dimension 7200 x 2600 x 1750mm
Weight 1500 Kg