Disposable tableware automatic packing machine (napkin/chopsticks/tootpick/spoon)
Features :
  1. Control circuit uses high speed American imported smart chip, measurment precision, and with a touch screen display, electrical fault auto detection, simple operation, easy adjustment.
  2. Mechanical formula function (moemory function: reserving have been debugged procedure), avoid that multiple packaging similar specification products may make it debugging repeatedly, wasting material, saving more time to improve packing efficiency.
  3. We tissue folding machinery and packaging machinery can isolated operation (both of one is closing, another one also can running any time).
  4. Touch screen control tissue feeding, not adjust by machine.
  5. Using high-quality dual-frequency simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, long life, less wear and tear.
  6. High-precision photoelectric detection tracking, bi-directional automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.
  7. Bag length without manual configuration, auto-detection equipment operation, automatically set.
  8. Packing speed and bag length of the dual inverter control, stepless variable speed, arbitrary adjusment range, with the former working procedure of production line a perfect match.
Main Technical Parameters :
Machine Model MSP-T2501
Packing type Trilateral closure H
Tissue Length 160-330mm
Tissue Width 120-330mm
Packing film thickness 0.018-0.06mm
Max film width 230mm
Bag length 90-330mm
Packing width 30-100mm
Packaging height < 40mm
Maximum packing capacity
(dependingon materials)
40-1200 / 40-150bag/min
Voltage 220V
Total power 6.8 Kw
Dimension (LxWxH) 5200 x 2080 x 2200mm
Overal weight 950 Kg

Adjustable range of chopsticks,toothpick, straw

length : 180-260mm

toothpick : 2x65mm single, double (matching)

straw : according to customer’s requirement