Product feature :
  1. Adopt international advanced technology, and select imported parts, electrical components.
  2. According to carton specification, manually adjust width and height.
  3. Two side belt drive, up and bottom sealed box, economical, fast and smooth.
  4. Equipped with blade protection device to avoid accidental injury during operation.
  5. Single machine operation, also can be used with automatic packaging assembly line.
Model MSP-S50 | MSP-S50P
Conveying speed 0-20m/min
Max carton size L ∞ x W500 x H500mm
Min carton size L 150xW150x H140mm
Power 220V 50Hz 6kg/cm3
Consumption 240W
Tape width W48mm、 60mm、 72mm
Machine Dimension L 1170 xW900 x H1350 (exclude front and rear roller frame)
Machine weight 170kg


Product feature :
  1. USB transfer print information, simple and fast.
  2. Compact design, does not take up space, can be quickly installed.
  3. Matching HP original high quality ink box, fast drying, no blocking.
  4. Attached with the computer terminal editing software and U disk.
Model MSP-S01
Printing height 9 mm
Power 220V, 50/60HZ
Printing length 512 characters
Printing direction Spray horizontally and downward
Printing distance 5mm(Spray nozzle to print surface)
Printing lines 1-4 lines
Print resolution 300pdi
Data transmission interface USB (Low ink alarm)
Internal memory 30 Group spurt data
Weight 0.85kg (excluding mounting bracket)