Electric Heating Half/Automatic Frying Machine

The Machine Features

Semi automatic frying machine with electric heating energy for single machine, automatic discharging, automatic mixing operation is simple, with full oil technology, automatic filtering residue, can lengthen and change oil cycle, and greatly reduce the cost of oil. The machine uses high quality stainless steel materials, exquissite workmanship, durable.

The intelligent digital display temperature controller, convenient and practical. Automatic temperature control, effective separation of interior oil, sade and easy cleaning, and ceonvenient repair.

The application of food processing enterprises, small-scale fried, fried out food not only color, aroma, taste, appearance is clean and beautiful black siag, but also improve the product quality, extend shelf life.


Model Envelop Dimension Fry Basket Size Power Rated Voltage Oil Capacity Production Capacity
MSPR-1000 1400x1200x1300mm 1000×400 36 380 500 0-300
MSPR-1200 1600x1400x1300mm 1200×400 60 380 600 0-300
MSPR-1500 1900x1700x1300mm 1500×400 72 380 800 0-300

*Design and specifications may change without notice.


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