Heat Conduction Oil Heating Automatic Frying Machine

The Machine Features

Heat conduction automatic fried machine adopts thermal oil heat heating is my in customer requirements energy saving, enviromental protection, high efficient idea developed in new energy saving fried equipment, adopt the whole oil and water mixture of technology, ZhaZhi produced in the process of residue aher automatic filtering out, keep oil face, cleanness, extended the fried oil use cycle.


Model Envelop Dimension Nets Take Width Power Oil Capacity Production Capacity
MSPR-5000 5000x1800x2500mm 1000 30 1200 300-500
MSPR-8000 8000x1800x2500mm 1000 40 2500 800-1000
MSPR-1000 1000x1800x2500mm 1000 60 3500 1000-1200

*Design and specifications may change without notice.


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