Chocolate Ball & Peanut


MSPR450 is a full automatic high-speed packing machine, which using automatic control to convey and pack foods, such as chocolate balls and eggs, olive shaped chocolate, and other food which are not easily be handled or fragile. Aher replacing some machine parts, it can pack peanut chocolate and beer shape chocolate. The complete machine consists of one set MSPR450 Spherical Chocolate Packing Machine and one set MSPR Shake Hopper.

Size Range
Chocolate Ball
• Spherical Diameter: 10-32mm
• Eclipse Minor D: 5-20mm, Major D:5-32 mm


Main Data
200-400 pcs/min
Peanut: 200-300 pcs/min

Total Power
380V, 50Hz, 3P
Wrapping Paper
Aluminium Foil Paper


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