Automatic Feeding System

Technical Parameter

Machine name Feed Pump
Model MSPR-2000
Voltage Frequency 380V / 50Hz
Power 5.5 Kw
Frequency converter 7 Kw
Hopper Volume 800L
Maximum flow 2000 Kg/h
Weight 680 Kg
Outline dimension L2400 x W1000 x H1300mm

Technical Parameter

Device name Vertical hoist
Product Model MSPR-2000
Voltage Frequency 380V / 50Hz
Power 3 Kw
Lifting ability 300 Kg
Lifting speed 34/min
Lifting height 1.9 M
Weight 400 Kg
Outline dimension L1400 x W1850 x H2700mm


Product Introduction

  • This machine adopts screw conveying material design, frequency conversion speed regulation.
  • Double hopper design is adopted. The interlayer can be filled with ice water and ice cubes, and the material temperature is not easy to rise.
  • The propeller conveyor can be used in various industries to provide continuous, stable and low pulsation transportation, and the measurement is proportional to the speed.
  • It is mainly used for pumping medium with high viscosity, compactness, fragility and easy bridging.
  • The suction chamber is designed with large rectangular hopper, horn-shaped extrusin chamber and special connecting rod has a patented product-horizontal positioning screw feeder. The design is more convernient for feeding materials into the propeller conveyor.


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