Sausage Automatic Filling Machine MSPR-240YSI

The highest running speed 240 pcs/min
Maximum filling quality 100 g
Product lenghth range L 100-220 mm
Maximum power 10 Kw
Overall dimension L 1400 x W 1120 x H2200


This machine equipped with the function of easy-peel, adopts advanced high frequency welding power supply, the tear stripe are welded solidly and evenly and tear success rate up to 100%, it adopts the most advanced body-structure and manufacturing technology and the reciprocating box adopts a completely different advance structure from the traditional medium-low speed machine, so when produce the product with easy-peel, the continuous stable operation speed could reach to 220 pcs/min, the tear tape positioning deviation within + 1mm, automatic positioning dispense with manual intervention; when produce the normal product, the continuous stable operation speed could reach to 240 pcs/min. The machine equipped with code spraying control function, realize the code spraying on the firt product upon it start, and in addition, the code location is very accurate


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