Heat Transfer Oil Heating Wok

Equipment Use

lt is suitable for mixing and heating cooking of various high-viscosity sauces: roasting stuffing (jam, lotus seed, been paste, fruit puree, candied fruit, jujube) and fried flour.

Technical Aggression

100L-500L 800mm-1200mm 1.5/2.2/7 Kw 0-6.1r/min 12-48 Kw 1870 x 1530 x 1800

*Design and specifications may change without notice.



  1. The pot body of this product is a hemispherical stainless steel port body formed buy one-time stamping (the number can be queried), the overall roundness error is small, the fit degree between the agitator and the pot body is high, and the phenomenon of paste pot is avoided.
  2. Electric heating heat conduction oil heating, large heating area, controllable temperature, uniform heating.
  3. The special inclined rotation ration is adopted in the stirring mode, so that the planet is in full contact with the pot body, and the rotation and autobiographcal non-integer rotation ratio is realized, so that there is no stirring dead angle in the pot, the mixing of the material is more uniform, and the fit degree between the scraper and the pot body is high. Scraping the bottom is better, it is not easy to produce paste pot phenomenon.
  4. The stirring shah uses advanced rotation and sealing structure to make the pot celan and hygienic, and the speed regulation adopts frequency conversaion speed regulation power and runs smoothly.
  5. Hydraulic reversing mode, to realize the tilt of 900 afterthe separation of stirring and pot body, no dead angle, easy to clean and reduce labor intensity.
  6. The frame body is made of 30M stainless steel and polished, which meet the requirements of the food hygiene law of the people’s Republic of China. It has the advantages of beautiful shape, reasonable design, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.
    Advantages of equipment: save manpower, increase output and reduce production cost for enterprises through automatic design and manufac turing. The equipment is aesy to operate, high working efficiency, low energy consumption, 20%-30% power saving than electric heating, long service life, compact structure, convenient maintenance and so on.


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