Product Introduction

● This machine is for making the solid ball, but with a wide use, the biggest characteristic is the products are mainly similiar to the hand-made at the taste, appearance, replacement of the mould cup size can change the size of the products according to the needs, selection of double speed motor control, simple operation, cleaning, maintenance is convenient, the efficiency is higher, totally meet the customer’s production needs.
●The products taste good, in round shape. It can be used for produce squid balls, chicken balls and shrimp balls etc.

Technical Parameter

Model MSPR-210
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Voltage/Frequency 380V / 50Hz
Motor Power 1.3 Kw (0.55+0.75)
Weight 200 Kg
Capacity 500 ball/min
Mould specifications 18~20~22~25mm
Outline dimension L1100 x W560 x H1700mm

*Design and specifications may change without notice.