Small grated sesame oil/sesame paste/peanut butter one person, one roasting, machine, integrated operation no technical foundation required, need 30 minutes for operation learning.

With automatic constant temperature roasting function, you can set the roasting temperature and time, it’s automatically disharge the material after roasting.

According to the characteristics of washed sesame, our roaster using a segmented heat tracking constant temperature heating technology, dehydration at low temperature and then high temperature roasting, to get fully expand sesame. It not only effectively increasing the oil yield, but also retains the natural freshness and good taste of sesame oil.

The patented rotary blade roasting technology that imitates the traditional handwork, to ensure even heating and quick discharge in 30 seconds.

Adopt advanced cast iron blue flame fierce furnace, has higher heat conversion efficiency and minimizes the cost.

Take LQ150 type as an example: Roasting ground sesame seeds need 35 minutes, roasting grated sesame seeds need 50 minutes.

Air consumption 2.5-3Kg per hour, cost 5 cents per pound.

All 304 stainless steel thickened 10mm inner drum, GMP level hyginie standards, the inner wall can be cleaned directly.

The stainless steel shell is beautiful and generous, automatically collects water vapor, smoke and dust during the whole process without any visible pollutants! Allows you can calmly deal with urban management and enviromental monitoring. Automatically spray water to remove smoke before discharge (connect water pipes as needed).