MSPR-M50S is an excellent forming and wrapping machine for chocolate, hard candy, press candy, chocolate coated biscuit, with aluminum foil paper. Applicable chocolate shape: square, trapezoidal, rectangular,heart-shape, bear-shape, round, etc.

Depending on the product capacity, it can be combined with MSPR700 fully automatic conveyor machine, MSPR manual operation platform for semi-auto.

Technical Features
• Servo motor controlled wrapping paper feeding.
• The photoelectric sensor detects the color mark to locate the packaging logo.
• PLC controlled with touch screen operation to solve the machine warning failure.
• Hot gluing system.
• Easy and fast mold change.

Main Data
Capacity: 200-300 pcs/min

Size Range
Length: 10-80mm
Width: 4-45mm
Height: 4-35mm

Total Power
380V, 50Hz, 3P

Wrapping Paper
Aluminum foil paper

*Design and specifications may change without notice.