Product Introduction

● This machine is suitable for cutting, cutting and so on in food processing enterprises, continuous production lines. It is generally used in combination with steam line or other conveying lines. It is ohen used in cutting and slicing of production lines of fish tofu, crab steak, fish strip and other products. It adopts man-machine dialogue control mode, and the length of cut can be adjusted arbitrarily.
● The machine adopts Delta servo motor control, which can accurately control the consistency of product length.
● The structure of the machine is made of 304 high quality stainless steel, the conveyor belt is made of food grade PU, and the cutting knife is made of special stainless steel.
● The machine is reasonable in design, safe in operation, simple in operation, easy to understand, more convenient im cleaning and maintenance, and the direct contact between the machine and food fitting conform to international health standards.

Technical Parameter

Model MSPR-QD600
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Voltage 380V / 50Hz
Motor Power 2.25 Kw (1.5 Kw + 0.75 Kw)
Weight 200Kg
Capacity (Adjustable speed)
Outline Dimension L2410 x W1210 x H1725mm

*Design and specifications may change without notice.