Tray Feeder

The empty or with gummy candies and starch trays will be conveyed from the stacker to the track of tray feeder. The frame propulsion mechanism send the trays to the tray pallet liher. The tray stacker (5 pcs trays per stack) will be lihed to the tray feeder automatically and transited to the discharge area, the stack is first de-stacking in to groups of 5 trays which area then separated into single trays. The de-stacking conveyor moves continuously to the first turning section.

Tray Feeder

The trays are conveyed to the bottom of stacker section. Stacker mecha- nism stack the one trays on by one till to be 5 pcs per stack. Tray stackers will be lihed to loading frames, then to the output conveyors. Then to the drying room automatically or manually. Empty loading frames will be sent to the tray stacker section.


The trays be turned 180 degree for discharging (demould) the products and starch into vibration sieve, then turned another 180 degree up and pushed forward from the turn table. The products and starch will be separated when getting to the vibration sieve. The products will be cleaned its remaining starch by compressed air firstly and sent to the conveyor.
Separated starch will be collected into hoppers and sent to starch tank or starch conditioning system (be recycled after drying and cooling) by vertical spiral. A starch hopper positioned over the tray conveyor dispenses starch into the tray. The amount of starch is regulated by the variable speed rotary paddle in the hopper. The starch surface is smoothed by the reciprocating horizontal leveler immediately after filling. It is by the complete mold board which permits pressed to be transmitted to the mold for accurate printing. A controllable pneumatic knocking mechanism is provided to free the mold celanly and break the vacuum before the mold is lihed. After printing, printed trays will be sent to the conveyor to depositing section, and stop below the nozzles accurately.

*Design and specifications may change without notice.