KW-T series tube ice machine adopts split-type design, the maker and storage part are in two parts, the size of ice machine are smaller and convenient to install. The ice is thick and transparent, widely used in different occasions: drinking, fresh maintenance, aquatic food processing, ice plat and gas station, etc. It’s very preferable by people.

Tube ice is a type of ice like hollow cylinder. We have four dimensions of external diameter, which includes: water purifier, tube ice machine, semi-automatic or full-automatic packing equipment, and cold room.

Model Capacity (Tons/day) Refigerant Compressor Brand Compressor Power (HP) Cooling Way Machine Size (L*W*H, mm) Machine Unit Weight (Kg)
MSPR-T05 0.5 R22/R404A Copeland 3 Air 1500*780*1800 500
MSPR-T1 1 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcom 4 Water/Air 1600*1350*2010 900
MSPR-T2 2 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcom 9 Water/Air 1650*1090*2300 1400
MSPR-T3 3 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcom 12 Water/Air 1700*1400*2430 1750
MSPR-T5 5 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcom 25 Water 1790*1080*2270 2070
MSPR-T10 10 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcom 2*23 Water 2200*1900*2550 3200
MSPR-T20 20 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcom 2*50 Water 1600*1250*4800 --
MSPR-T30 30 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcom 3*50 Water 2200*1900*6200 --
MSPR-T50 50 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcom 200 Water 2000*1800*6800 --
Working condition: Input water temp: 21°C, Ambient air temperature: 25°C. Condensing temp 40°C

Low Cost Packing High Speed Reliable

Technical Data
Model MSPR 100
Capacity 10-25 bags/min
Ice Weight 2~18 Kg/bag
Film Thickness ≥ 0.045mm
Bag Sizes Length: 400~850mm
Width: 300~450mm
Air Pressure ≥ 0.6 Mpa
Power 3P/380V/50Hz
Weight 800 Kg
Size (LxWxH) 3750 x 1190 x 2270 mm

Automatic Ice Packing Machine

Connect full functions of delivery, weighing, packing, filling, sealing, printing, counting, etc.
High speed wirh stable sealing is up 25 bags/min. Equipment investment cost can be recovered in less than one year.
Packing process is sanitary to meet the food sanitation standard.
Automatic ice packing machine give fast packing, saving time and manpower, mostly used in packing tube ice and cube ice. It is definitely the first choice for medium and large edible ice factory.

*Design and specifications may change without notice.