Fourth Generation Vacuum Fryer Highlights Advantages

Then fourth generation of large vacuum deep-fried frying machine has subverted the concept long working hours and low work efficiency of the vacuum fryer in the traditional sense. Our company has used a lot of customer feedback and processing various product experience and gained advanced experience of foreign equipment, upgraded the equipment , and injected equipment with self-service technology brand. The vacuum fryer has a 30% increase in work efficiency. And each of our equipment parts and components are achieved, which is convenient for customers to provide convenient and prompt aher-sales service.

Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts

Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts

Vacuum Frying Machine

Color preserving: low temperature vacuum frying condition, keep fried food will not decolor or become brown.

Keep fruity: vacuum frying condition keep raw material will not loose original smell taste.

Vacuum frying low temperature range is 80~120oC, which can keep food orifinal nutrion. It can make more healthy food.

Vacuum deoiling process more high efficiently to ensure food low oil content.

Fried food application:

Fruits: jackfruit, durian, bananan, apples, jujube, kiwi fruit, strawberry, papaya etc.

Vegetables: Okra, tomato, sweet potato, potato, green beans, mushrooms, garlic, carrots, green peppers, pumpkin, onions, etc.

Nuts: Peanuts, cashewnuts, green peas...

Others: Aquatic products and poultry products...

*Design and specifications may change without notice.