Bag In Bag Production Line

Main Technical Parameters :
MSP-BK680 MSP-S240
Pouch length range 45-200mm Bag Length 100-350mm
Pouch width range 23-60mm Bag Width 100-24mm
Packing speed 20-60 (Depend on bag length and materials) Packing speed 20-60 (Depend on bag length and materials)
Filling capacity 0.5-50ml Filling sachet number 5-35 sachets (1-30g)
Max film width 700mm Electric Source 380V 50Hz
Electric Source 380V 50Hz Total Power 2 KW
Total Power 16 KW Air Consumption 0.8m³ /min
Air Consumption 1m³ /min Overall Size 3500 x 1300 x 1270mm
Overall Size 1875 x 1500 x 3200mm Weight 1200 Kg
Weight 2500 Kg


Usage :

DXD-BK680D Production line is suitable for automatic package of small and medium bags, with measurement requirements, for granules in areas of medicine, food, daily chemical and other industry, such as Chinese medicine infusion, coffee, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, pellet, small granular pharmaceutical preparation.


Summary :

The packaging iine is mainly composed of automatic granule packing machine MSP-BK680, steering climbing conveyor, On-line weighing, on-line detecting and bag in bag packing machine MSP-S240. The main parts are contolled by servo motors due to control accuracy and easy adjust. It’s suitable for back sealing sachet fully automatic put into box. On-line can do series of precedures, such as vacuum feeding, bag making and filling, bach number, notch cutting, bag shape punching, climbing and transporting, single bag weighing and detecting, bag sorting etc. Meeting GMP production requirements, it effectively saves labor and production costs, and also can change design according to the customer’s request


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