Pillow Type Automatic Packaging Line HP660

Main Technical Parameters : 
  • Max. Production Capacity : 290 pcs/min (different products may have diferents speed)
  • Shape of Products : Rectangle, Square, Oval.
  • Size of Carton : L 100-260mm W 60-170mm H 20-90mm
  • Gross Power : 4 Kw
  • Power Supply : 3P/380V
  • Overall Dimension  : 3332 x 2945 x 1740 (different products may have different size)
  • Weight : 600 Kg (different products may have different weight)
  • Gas Pressure : 0.5 Mpa
  • Packing Material : OPP, CPP, PET Metallized film, Al-Plastic film, Paper-rubber complex , suggest to used wrapping film with material of PET13/CPP23-27


Use :

This machine is suitable for automatic arranging and cartoning of oblong products. The products packed will have advantages of beautiful appearance, accurate quality and stable quality.


Production Flow:

Packing Machine-Expansion Conveying Belt-Torsional Conveying Belt-Rank Conveying-Suck up (Grab) Products-Fill Products into Carton-Finished Products Output.


Characteristics :
  1. This machine adopt HMI, which makes setting of parameters more convenient and operation of machine easier.
  2. Whole process of products feeding, arranging, pushing, grabbing, feeding, and carton feeding is fully automatic.
  3. Design of this machine solves problem of automatic cartoning of oblong products.
  4. Main electrical parts of the machine is worldwide famous brand which insures its quality.
  5. Servo motors control achieves high precision.
  6. Finished products have advantages of beautiful appearance, accurate quantity, stable quality and high grade.


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