Doypack Pre-Made

Equipment Characteristics Mini :
  1. Large touch screen control; high reliability and intelligence, and equipped with security protection.
  2. Di­erent filling devices can be selected according to the nature of the filling materials.
  3. Intelligent detection, bag filling and sealing, no bag, no filling.


The Complete System :
  1. 4 Heads Linear Weigher
  2. Mini-Doy Pre-made Pouch Packing Machine
  3. Smaller Suppoerting Platform
Optional Equipment :
  1. Vibration Feeder
  2. Out-put Conveyor
  3. Metal Detector
  4. Nitrogen Generator
  5. Air Storage Tank
  6. Z Type Bucket Conveyor
  7. Check Weigher
  8. Rotary Table
  9. Air Compressor



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