Four Heads High Speed Linear Weigher

Technical Specification :
    • Identify Code : XM1-2-2
    • Weighing Range : 500-1200g
    • Accuracy : X(1)
    • Max. Speed  : 8P/M
    • Hopper Volume : 15L
    • Max Products Mixed  : 1
    • Control Panel : 7 touch screen
    • Options : Dimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Reject Device
    • Power Requirement  : 220V/250W 50/60Hz/1.2A
    • Packing Dimension (mm)  : 1150(L)x700(W)x1090(H)
    • Gross Weight : 200 Kg


Application :

It is suitable for weighing small granules such as sugar, salt, seeds, rice, sesame, monosodium, coff­ee, seasoning powder, etc.


Features :
  1. New highly integrated modular control system.
  2. Automatic amplitude adjustment function, more convenient to debug.
  3. Can weight a variety of di­fferent materials at the same time to achieve mixed material packaging.
  4. According to the production situation, parameters can be directly modified in operation, which is easy to operate.
  5. Adopts the feeding system of the stepless vibration machine, so that the material is more even and the weighing range is large.


Mechanical Character :
  1. Machine are mode of stainless steel, clean and sanitary.
  2. Free fall fast feeding can save more time than normal vibration feeding.
  3. Precision vibrator pan to achieve smallflow of accurate feeding, e­fectively improve the weighing accuracy.
  4. The parts in contact with the materials (stopper, disharge funnel, vibrator pan, weighing hopper, etc.) can be disassembled quickly and cleaned conveniently.


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