Automatic Wafer Stick Machine

Specification MSPR-MR
Baking Wheel 2200 mm x 580 mm
No. of Rows 4
Capacity 270 ppm at 120 mm product length
Prod. Dia. Range 6-18 mm
No. of Flame Burner Nozzle 15L + 15R
Temperature Control Thermocouple
Consumption Gas Manual Autonic
Power Supply 5.5/hr (LPG) / 7Kg/hr (LNG)
Electric Consumption AC 220/380 V, 3 Phase 50 Hz
Cooling Water Circulation Reg 12.8 Kwh
Equipment Supplied Max 250C fresh water, at 10 lt/min
1 set batter supply system with pump
1 set batter supply system gravity flow
1 set water thank for gluing system
1 set filling supply system with pump
Drive Motor AC Motor, Italy
Body Double wall, heat insulated inner wall and SUS 304 plate outer wall
Batter Pump & Cream Pump Cast iron gear pump
Dimension 1800 x 2420 x 2850 mm
Weight 5000 kg



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