Fully Automatic Cookies Production Line

In addition to soft biscuit, hard biscuits, soda biscuit, crackers, there is an important type of biscuit product is cookies. The cookies can be classified as wire-cut cookies, deposit cokies, filled cookies, two color cookies, tricolor cookies, etc. With additional equipment can increase the deversity of products and improve product taste.


Specification Picture

  1. Vertical planetary mixer                    8. Washer-cut cookies machine               15. Scraper device
  2. Tilting machine                                  9.  Cut off device                                        16. Brush cleaning device
  3. Dough feeding System                     10. Sugar sprinkler                                       17. Oven driver
  4. Dough conveyor belt 1                      11. Deposit cookies machine                      18. Out oven conveyor
  5. Dough conveyor belt 2                     12. Convection oven                                    19. Multi-function cookies machine
  6. Rotary moulder                                  13. Air blower                                              20. Press roll device
  7. Egg washer                                         14. Water cooling device                            21. Cyclotherm and convection hybrid oven


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