Automatic Multi Forming Machine MSPR260-II

Updating the system comprehensively:

● MSPR260 automatic multi forming machine has same perfect forming performance with MSPRG00 which combining humanized design concept to realize flexibility, stability and efficiency.
● The cost effective feature is especially suitable for medium and small factories. It is also a perfect choice for medium-scale testing in large factories. MSPR260 can provide accurate parameter reference for mass production.
● Germany SIEMENS PLC control system can guarantee stable weight control and less downtime.
● Precise hydraulic control system ensures the accuracy of each filling and weight control.
● Screw feeding system can give accurate step feeding, avoid extrusion damage of raw material and maintain the taste of the product.
● The precise mould control system and high-speed hydraulic drive ensure high output and uniform product weight. Multi moulds are available with easy changes.
● Stainless steel made and food grade non-metal material, safe and reliable, HACCP standard.



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