Multidrum Breader

He product is evenly transported into the three drums through the flour bed and dropped together with the flour. After being turned over and mixed in the drum, it is evenly dropped onto the conveyor belt for output. It is suitable for bone-in and boneless products. The machine is designed for the chicken popcorn of the pre-dusting and final coating process, which has the obvious scaly food surface.
● Production capacity more than 2000kg/hour (for chicken popcorn).
● Coating speed and angle can be adjusted, the lower layer of the flour thickness can be manually adjusted.
● Equipped with the vibration output device, to make even of the output products and take off the extra coating flour. The output belt transport products to the standar height. (1000mm±100mm).
● All the electrical parts are water proof, split structure, easy to clean, less leakage of the dust, and prevent the environment pollution.
● Lift conveyor belt transport the flour to the flour bed (optional) to improve efficiency and reduce the labor.
● Stainless steel made and portion non-metal material, safe and reliable, HACCP standard. Button control system and simple English operation interface.


Technical parameter
Model MSPR1000
Speed of the belt 3-15m/min adjustable
Input height 1050±50mm
Output height 950±50mm
Power 3.31kW
Width of the belt 1000mm
Overall dimension 3837x1991x1860mm

Meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable Bone-in and boneless chicken products.
Squid ring, fish fillet, shrimp Mushrooms, cauliflower.


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