Multiple Bread Automatic Loading Line

Scope of Application :

Multiple bread automatic tray-loading & feeding line is mainly used for bread and other products with large output and regular shape. it can solve the problem of product standing, arranging and automatic tray-loading.


Main function & structure characteristics :
  1. Two-channel automatic feeding & packing line consists of separating conveyor, distributing conveyor, turning & collecting unit, stacking conveyor, two-channel storage conveyor, two-channel automatic feeding unit, two-channel stacking conveyor and automatic packing machine. The process is frist open products distance, divide into columns, then automatic distribute, fi­nally feed the products into multiple channels (two-channels) automatic feeding unit and packing machine. The advantage is continu our production, high efficiency and beautiful packaging.
  2. Automatic tune-over device is optional. Separating conveyor can be designed according to the actual situation.
  3. Maximum packing speed of single line can reach 280 bags/min. The actual speed depends on product dimension, packaging type and the material of packaging ­film.
  4. Power supply adopts 220V 50Hz, total power is about 31KW as the drawing (4 lines).


Advantages :
  1. The output of bread is large, and the production is continuous. The traditional way of feeding multiple bread into tray is manual, which expends a lot of labor. Multiple bread automatic loading & feeding lines realize automatic loading by intelligent machine, save a large amount of labor and reduce labor intensity.
  2. The products in the servo collection unit are sent to the loading channel by the pushing devicec achieve smoothly loading, accurate positioning and stable production. The products are arranged orderly in the channel, and the related structure is the ­firstly invented in china.
  3. Conveyor belt can realize quick disassembly without tools, and waste tray is equipped under the belt, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning, saving time and effort.
  4. The overall structure is simple, easy to operate, clean and maintain. It is easy to operate when changing different sizes of productsand the setting is simple.
  5. Food grade blue anti-microbial PU belt, optional white PU belt is available.
  6. The control system uses high quality electrical components, intelligent PLC control touch screen display and a good human-machine interface. The operation is simple, intuitive and convenient.


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