Swiss Roll Type Automatic Feeding & Packing Line

Application Scope :

Swiss roll type automatic feeding & packing line is designed for swiss roll, layer cake, sandwich cake and other reguler objects which come out in order.


Main function & structure characteristics :
  1. Swiss roll automatic feeding and packing line includes separation conveyor, sinking type distribution conveyor, automatic feeding unit and automatic packing machine. Swiss rolls are aligned fi­rst, and then separated, distributed and fi­nally followed to the automatic feeding and packing unit and ­finish packing. It quarantees production continu ously, orderly with lower reject rate and beautiful package. Alcohol spray device and nitrogen charging device are optional.
  2. Packing speed of single line can achieve to 80-150 bags/min.
  3. Power supply adopts 220V 50Hz, total power is about 21KW as the drawing (4 lines).


Advantages :
  1. Equipped with automatic alignment device and anti-pinch devices;automatic correcting device is optional.
  2. The products are placed and flowed to feeding unit in an orderly arrangement, with the features of stable transmission, accurate location and high speed.
  3. Dismantle the belts without tools, crumble slots are installed in the connecting places and in the bottom of the belt, easly to maintain, save time and effort.
  4. Simpli­ed structure, asly operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, it’s easly and fast to adjust and set up the machine when changing products with different size.
  5. Equipped with food grade blue anti-microbial PU belt, anti-sticking belt and white PU belt are also optionally available.
  6. High quality electric components are adopted in control system;intelligent PLC, touch screen and wonderful HMI, make the operation easy and intuitive.


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