Wafer Automatic Feeding & Packaging Line

Application Scope :

Applicable for wafer and some other cutting products with large capacity, in good order, regular shape. Solve the problem of close distance., difficult turning, not easy to arrange of traditional feeding mode, to achieve single or multiple packaging form.


Main function & structure characteristics :
  1. Wafer automatic feeding & packing line includes separating conveyor, aligning device, material pulling mechanism, automatic distributing conveyor, stacking conveyor, automat ic packing machine. The products from cutting line, will be pulled space by the separation conveyor, then go through the auto aligning device, come into the stacking conveyor by the material pulling mechanism. The products enter orderly into packing machine by the drive of conveyor, so as to achieve continuous, orderly packaging.
  2. Packing speed of single line can achieve to 80-220 bags/min.
  3. Power supply 220V 50Hz, total power is about 26KW (­five lines as drawing).


Advantages :
  1. Equipped with automatic aligning device and material pulling mechanism, to make the products same direction, arranged in good order.
  2. The products are placed in an orderly arrangement and flowed to feeding unit, with the features of stable transmission, accurate location and high speed.
  3. Dismantle the belts without tools, crumble slots are installed in the connecting places and in the bottom of the belt, easy to maintain, save time and effort.
  4. Simpli­ed structure, easy operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, it’s easy and fast to change ­films and setting when changing products with different size.
  5. High quality electric components are adopted in control system;intelligent PLC, touch screen and wonderful HMI, make the operation easy and intuitive


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