DPK-40H30 Carton Erector

Model MSP-CE4030 MSP-CE4050
Unpacking speed 30 cartons/min 50 cartons/min
Carton stock BOPCS ( BOOMM) BOPCS ( BOOMM )
Carton size L: 240-510 W: 190-400 L: 250-450 W: 150-400
H: 120-400mm H: 100-300mm
Power 380V 3φ746W 380V 3φ746W
Air compressing Skg/cm’ 6kg/cm’
Air consumption 30DNUmin 400NUmin
Machine Dimension L2372×W1210×H1820mm L3120xW1250 x H1740mm
Net weight 1000kg 1200kg
Tape Width W48、 60mm W48、 60mm


Product feature :
  1. Absorb Japan, Germany advanced technology, and select imported parts, electricity Device components and pneumatic components.
  2. The whole machine adopts CAM continuous system, precise,stable and durable.
  3. The unpacking and sealing box are controlled by frequency converter, the speed can be adjusted and save time.
  4. Simple operation, easy adjustment, no doubt of damage to the carton.
  5. Carton storage is horizontal, can be replenished empty carton at any time, no need to stop.
  6. Automatic warning reminder supplement carton.
  7. Add transparent glass protective cover, open the door and stop automatically to avoid operation accident.
  8. Single machine operation, also can be used with automatic packaging assembly line.


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