MSP-SH-50 Full Automatic Folding and H-Shaped Sealing Machine

Model MSP-S-50+MSP-SH-50
Carton size L320-5DD x W2DD-5DD×H180-500mm
Table height 60Dmm (Can be customized)
Conveying speed 300-360 cartons/hours
Machine Weight L3000 x W2100×H1580mm
Tape width 220V、 1 f -3,、50-SOHz
Air compressing 8kg/cm’ 150Nυmin
Power W48mm/60mm L1000 yard
Machine Dimension 730kg


Product feature :
  1. The full automatic folding and one-line sealing machine compatible with four-corner sealing machine, and then finish H-type sealing.
  2. Automatically adjust the width and height of machine according to carton specifications, suitable for the different specifications carton sealing at the same time.
  3. Seal carton is beautiful, fast, save manpower, high efficiency
  4. Simple operation, economical and durable, safe, minimum failure rate.


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