Powder Premade Rotary Packing Machine

Main Features :
Model MSP-R200A
Pouch Type Stand-up pouches, zipper bags, four-side sealed bags, three-side sealed bags, paper bags, etc.
Bags Size W:80-210mm L:100-300mm
Filling Volume 10-1500g (Depending on type of products)
Capacity 30-50 bag/min (Speed may very with product characterics, pouches or other operation condition)
Dimension 1460*1560*1480 (L*W*H)
Weight 1700 Kg
Compress air requirement 0.8m³ /min supply by user


Application :

Powder : milk powder, co­ee powder, food additivies, condiments, tapioca powder, pesticide powder, fertilizer granules, etc.

Features and Characteristics :
  1. The powder material weighing packaging system consists of a rotary packing machine, a auger filler, and a screw elevator.
  2. A perfect quality ensures a speedy and stable production.
  3. High quality accessories make machines durable and stable.
  4. Waterproof system makes cleaning easier. Color touch screen display, easy to operate.
  5. The machine and the other devices make up a packaging system.
  6. Provide an innovation and practical solution at reasonable costs.
  7. A low material waste. The machine adopts premade perfect-pattern pouch, with high-quality.


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