Full Automatic Heavy Bag Packaging Unit For Granular Materials And Powder MSP-DJ-1C1

Technological parameters :
  • Metering Mode : weighing mode (Gross weight)
  • Feeding Mode : Double screw, double value, double vibrating chute (optional)
  • Package Weight : 10-50 Kg (20-100Kg for oversided ones)
  • Package Accuracy : ± 0.2 %
  • Package Speed : < 3 bags per minute
  • Power Supply : Three-phase 380V (or single-phase 220V) 50-60Hz
  • Total Power : 3.9Kw (power for air supply not inclued)
  • Atmospheric Pressure : 6-8 Kg/cm²
  • Use Tolerance : 0.2m³ /min
  • Total Weight : 400 Kg
  • Overall Dimensions : 4000 (variable depending on the conveyor) 1200 x 2400mm


Brief Intruction :

The machines is designed under the newest version of National GMP standard, the machine height only 1.8m, the total machine contain filling, weighing, healing, sewing and conveying. The machine is suitable for grain and powdery etc many kinds of material.


Main Features :
  1. The machine direct filling in packing bags, mesaure more nicely, Overall size is futher reduced, and gross weighing.
  2. Two layer structure of weighing, concentrate dedusting, workshop no pollution.
  3. Double auger feeder, control the mode and speed of adding material freely
  4. Vibrational bag gripper: avoid product leakage and product blocking, and have more even product feeding.
  5. Simple-structured of material access, easily for cleaning and shifting materials.
  6. Multiple kinds of conveyor, bag sealing/seaming machine, bag gripper optional.


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