Fully Automatic Heavy Bag Packaging Unit For Granular Materials And Powder


  1. Packaging material : Woven bags, kraft paper bag, Composite PE Plastic bag (Thickness > 0.18mm)
  2. Bag size : L 700-1100mm, W 480-650mm
  3. Metering range : 25-50 Kg/bag
  4. Packaging speed : 3-8 BMP
  5. Metering Precision : ± 50 Kg. ± 2% (2o)
  6. Sealing type : –
  7. Woven bag : folding/sewing, sewing, hemming/sewing, sewing/hemming, inner bag heat sealing.
  8. Kraft paper bag : heat sealing/sewing, hemming/sewing, sewing/hemming.
  9. Composite film plastic bag : heat sealing.


The heavy bag automatic packaging machine is a new type of packaging unit devoloped for small particles and powdery materials in chemical, agricultural, food, grain and other industries using bag-feeding packaging. This unit has the fuctions of automatic bag feeding, bag loading, filling, sealing, and bag conveying, at the same time, it can work in conjuction with various materials and equipment to realize unmanned production of large-scale packaging.


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