Manual Weigher

Technical Specification :
  • MSP-MWA12
    • Identify Code : A12-2-4
    • Weighing Range : 50-1000g
    • Accuracy : X(0.5)
    • Max. Speed : 30P/M
    • Hopper Volume : 3L
    • Control Panel : 10,1” Touch Screen
    • Options : Dimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Reject Device
    • Driving System : Step motor
    • Power Requirement : 220V/500W 50/60Hz/3.6A
    • Packing Dimension (mm) : 1700(L)x1100(W)x900(H)
    • Gross Weight : 220 Kg


Application :

It is suitable for weighing seafood, aquatic products, meat food, chinese medicinal materials and other poor flowability materials.


Features :
  1. Manual feeding, automatic weighing, it’s suitable for poor flowability material.
  2. Optimal combination of weight hopper to meet the target weight optimal combination to automatic feeding.
  3. Special load cell with high precision and high standard.
  4. With intelligent multiple sampling stable mode, make weighing higher accurate.
  5. Intelligent fault alarm, convenient maintenance.
  6. High speed staggerad discharging function, effectively prevent blocking materials.
  7. With high integgrated modular design and CAN bus technology.
  8. Modbus industry standard communication protocol, realize the interface combination of multihead weigher and packaging machine.


Mechanical Character :
  1. The size of the working table is suitable for one person operation, the layout is reasonable.
  2. Feeding with conveyor belt to avoid sticking material.
  3. Easy detechable working table and conveyor belt are easy to clean.
  4. With the refraction lamp as the feeding signal, make feeding convenient and accurate.


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