Metal Detector

Technical Specification :
  • JW-G5020
    • Identify Code : G5020-2-1
    • Protection Class : IP54/IP66
    • Speed : 30mm/min
    • Max Package Size (mm) : 500(W)x200(H)
    • Sensitivity (mm) : Fe: 1.2 Sus: 2.5
    • Power Requirement : 220V/400W 50/60Hz/2A
    • Packing Dimension (mm) : 1470(L)x1050(W)x1410(H)
    • Gross Weight : 200 Kg


Application :

Applicable to food, medicine, spices, plastic, handicrafts, electronics, toys and etc. Industries on metal detecting and sorting, specially suitable for our made food, vegetable food, frozen food, sugar made food, pickles, etc.

Features :
  1. 7-inch full-color touch screen, pre-installed operation help menu, no need user manual.
  2. Adapting multi-frequency technology for different types of products, wider versatility.
  3. The system can choose the best frequency according to different product characteristics in parameters automatic setting stage.
  4. Using bit microprocessor with strong digital analysis and processing, improving the system’s sensitivity, anti-interferance and long-term stability.
  5. Supporting a variety of working mode, according to the water content and the quatity of the material, it can maximize improving the detection senstivity.
  6. Backup data via USB.
  7. Software upgrade is available, it’s easy for system maintenance.


Mechanical Character :
  1. Special mode conveyor belt minimize the interface source, make machine running smoothly, and ensure the detection sensitivity, and it is more convenient to disassemble and maintain.
  2. Stainless steel integrated frame, simple and beautiful, easy to clean and maintain.
  3. The built-in high-sensitivity sensor of the detector can effectively shield the signal of the aluminium film packaging product and accurately determine the magnetic metal foreign matter in the package.
  4. A variety of rejection are available.


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