VFFS Liquid/Paste Packing Machine

Technical parameters
Model MSP-VL350
Process weighing No
Packaging speed 5-20ppm
Specifications 1000-15000g
Width of bag 150-350mm
Length of bag 200-800mm
Printer Optional
Mark sensor Optional
Voltage/Power 3x380V + N/2kW
Compressed air 0.6 Mpa/0.3M³/Min
Weight of the machine host 613Kg
Machine size W 1110 x L 1550 x H 2065mm


Special technology in process of large size packaging, real-time complete fully automatic packaging of viscous material.
Applicable industries and products

Baking : butter, salad, dressing, custard, cheese, egg liquid, etc.

Stuffing : lotus seed paste, bean paste, winter seed paste, pineapple, Wuren stuffing, etc.

Sauces : ketchup, strawberry jam, durian paste and other jams.

Beverages : coconut, icecream pulp and other jams.

Chinese food : dry mayonnaise, chili oil, hot pot oil, peanut butter, sesame sauce, porridge, soybean milk, meat sauce, vegetable sauce, shrimp slippery, etc.

Western food : curry juice, meat sauce, satay sauce, chocolate sauce, etc.

Glue : wallpaper glue, jelly glue, building glue, etc.

Industrial grease : lithium base grease, paraffin wax, industrial additives, etc.


Main performances and Characteristic
  1. Air packaaging bag-making with film directly and continuous packing realize airess packing of products. it improves the shelf life and grade of products.
  2. High temperature aseptic packaging can be realized. The highest material temperature can reach more than 100°C, which can realize aseptic packaging and improve the shelf life of packaging products.
  3. The model with process weighing system can set the target value. Packaging machine weigh each package of product automatically, and feedback to the machine host, used to achieve closed-loop control, to achieve higher precision packaging.
  4. It can pack quickly in large capacity. The maximum packing specification is 15Kg and the maximum packing speed can reach 20 bags/min
  5. Can be applied to a variety of specifications of product packaging and manufacturing. By replacing the corresponding parts, one packaging machine can be used to pack 1Kg-15Kg products.
  6. Reduce packaging film costs. Continuous filling realizes both bag-making and filling at the same time, which reduces the cost of finished bags, and reduces the cost of material inventory and management.
  7. Increase the yield of finished products. Powerful extrusion clearing roll is used to remove the residual material at the seal and ensure the reliability of the cross seal.
  8. Ensure food safety. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and the contact part with food is made of food grade material . Fully automatic sealing and packaging, without manual partipation and reducing the possibility of bacteria and sundries mixing.
  9. Using high reliability and well-known imported brand control components to ensure more reliable and stable operation of the whole machine.
  10. Easy to use. The equipment is easy to operate, clean and maintain.


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